Windows 8 Keyboard ShortcutsWindows 8 software requires an entirely new way of thinking for Windows users. However, as most employees utilize smartphones and gadgets on a regular basis, the use of apps for staying connected as featured in the Windows 8 upgrade is quite convenient. Furthermore, small and medium-sized businesses interested in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system can use Windows 8 as their go-to program. Overcome the learning curve required when upgrading to Windows 8 by using keyboard shortcuts.


6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8


1. Settings

One of the most important functions of a computer, the Power button, may be in an odd place for those well versed in previous Windows platforms. Access the Power button in the Settings category. Quickly get to Settings by pressing the Windows key + I. Options under the Power button in Settings include Restart, Sleep, and Shut down.


2. Admin Menu

Press Windows + X to display the Admin menu, which was formerly known as the Start Menu in previous Windows systems. The Admin menu will pop up in the lower left-hand corner. Items on this menu include Desktop, Run, Search, Task Manager, Control Panel, and File Explorer.


3. Sharing

For a business interesting in a VDI system, the Sharing menu is vital. Press Windows + H to access Sharing, which will allow you to email or connect with someone in your social network. If your computer is connected to your business network, when you access Sharing a bar on the right side of the screen will show up, along with a list of the sharing options available to your computer.


4. Search

Find everything including files, apps, and settings using the Search function. The shortcuts include: 

  • Windows + Q for Apps
  • Windows + W for Settings
  • Windows + F for Files


5. Charms 

Hold down Windows + C to retrieve the Charms bar. A newbie to the Windows world, the Charms bar features the Settings, Search, and Share categories. It is located on the right side of the screen.


6. Second Screen 

You will most likely need the Second Screen during corporate meetings, Power Point presentations, and conferences. Press Windows + P to connect to this function; options include PC only, duplicate, extend and second screen only.


Key Takeaways:


  • The Windows 8 upgrade is ideal for businesses interested in VDI systems thanks to programs including Second Screen and Sharing.
  • The Power function is located in Settings 
  • For all keyboard shortcuts, start by pressing the Windows key, which is located on the lower left-hand side of the keyboard. It looks like a quad-pane window.


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