How Cloud Desktops Will Change Your Business

Technology is always evolving. As a business, you must learn to adapt to this evolution and incorporate new developments into your operations as needed. In many cases, adopting new technologies can even improve your productivity and profitability dramatically. Some of the most useful innovations in this category are cloud desktops.

What are Cloud Desktops?

Cloud desktops are a kind of VDI. VDI stands for “virtual desktop infrastructure.” It is a computing model that uses a centralized server to host a desktop operating system within a virtual machine. Instead of being contained within a single device, the user’s desktop is maintained within a datacenter server. This allows the user to access the desktop from any device, as long as internet access is available.

Benefits of Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops offer several benefits for businesses. Some of these benefits include:

  • No need to worry about your device. When you use cloud desktops, your computer simply accesses your desktop and is not responsible for any of the actual computing. As a result, you won’t need to worry about replacing the device when technology changes or improves.
  • Added convenience. With cloud desktops, you and your employees can access information from anywhere – at a client, or on a job site.
  • Less maintenance. When your desktop infrastructure is housed in the cloud, your vendor will handle all hardware and software maintenance, allowing you to focus your time and attention on other tasks.
  • Lower IT costs. Cloud desktops can also lower your overall costs by providing you with lower security expenses, better stability and no need to upgrade your computers.
  • Customer support. In most cases, vendors provide support to their clients on an ongoing basis. If you have questions or concerns about your infrastructure, you can contact the vendor for assistance.

Getting the Most out of Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops can be useful for almost any company. However, it is best for companies that have a significant number of workstations. They are also beneficial if your company is trying to reduce its environmental footprint and/or reduce IT expenses. In addition, companies with employees who travel can gain significant benefits from utilizing cloud desktops.

Cloud desktops rely on the internet to connect users to their desktop infrastructure. To get the most benefit from them, make sure that your employees always have access to a strong internet connection, whether they are at home, at work or traveling abroad.

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud desktops allow you to house your desktop infrastructure in a centralized data center that can be accessed from any device via the internet.
  • Utilizing cloud desktops offers many benefits for your business, including lower costs, convenience and peace of mind.
  • To get the most out of cloud desktops, a strong internet connection will be required.

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