The Most Surprising Byproduct of Cloud-Basing Your IT Infrastructure

There’s been so much written about the benefits of a cloud-based IT infrastructure in recent years that it can be difficult to keep up. Everyone knows about the productivity-related benefits that the cloud brings with it, along with the fact that both communication and collaboration are now easier than ever before.

However, speaking as a company that has recently redone our entire infrastructure from the ground up, cloud-basing everything and setting up access to anyone, anywhere, at any time, we’re in a position to tell you that there’s a truly surprising byproduct of this decision that almost nobody is talking about.

It’s lighting-fast Internet.

A Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure in the Internet Age

After cloud-basing our entire IT infrastructure, our Internet isn’t just fast – it’s uncannily fast. Indeed, one of the major limiting factors of our operation used to be our Internet connection. We were at the will of the standard speed offered by our provider, which essentially meant that we rarely had the speed necessary to execute certain functions as quickly as we needed.

We didn’t make the decision to remove all of our hardware and cloud-base our entire IT infrastructure for fast Internet. Quite the opposite, in fact – we were trying to unlock all of those productivity, efficiency and collaborative benefits that people spend so much time discussing. However, as a result of this decision, we’re now the proud owners of a enormously fast Internet connection – it’s like replacing your old water gun with a bazooka in more ways than one.

Giving New Meaning to the Word “Instant”

These days, our Internet browsing is essentially instant. “Waiting” for a page to load or for a file to download just isn’t something we have to do anymore.

Along the same lines, programs that would formerly slow to a crawl during peak hours are now much faster. Though it’s true that this will still vary depending on service loads (as certain programs use the Internet to complete functions in different ways from others), by and large we’re seeing an unprecedented increase across the board.

We knew it would be fast – but not this fast. Not by a long shot.

There are a lot of companies out there that are using programs that are notoriously slow. Their systems have a lot going on and this loss of speed has typically been seen as an unfortunate “cost of doing business” in the modern digital age.

Preparing for the Future of Business Today

Cloud-basing your IT infrastructure, on the other hand, is different. This changes the game, for all time and for the better. Since we’ve successfully got our system where we want it, everyone has access to the incredible speed they need to do the most important jobs they need to do at all times, no exceptions.

Whether people need to access the Internet to share files with one another, to load websites or to access apps they use frequently to do their jobs, it doesn’t matter. The speed is there and now, thanks to a cloud-based IT infrastructure, it always will be.

If you would have told us that this would be a byproduct of moving into the cloud, we would have done it a long time ago based on this benefit alone, to say nothing of all the other incredible positives that we were able to unlock at the exact same time.

Key Takeaways:

  • After making the decision to move our entire infrastructure into the cloud, the most surprising positive byproduct was by far fast Internet.
  • Everything – from the files we share to the programs we use – are now faster as a result.

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