Top Five Manufacturing Software Tools for 2015

Manufacturing Software ToolsThere are so many manufacturing software tools to choose from that it can be hard for one to know which program is best. Even so, there are undoubtedly some tools that are better than others in various ways. Following is an overview of the top five manufacturing software tools for this new year.


5 Manufacturing Software Tools to Explore in 2015

E2 Shop System

E2 Shop System is compatible with various versions of Windows. It is ideal for companies with made to order products and/or services, as the program can not only create quick cost estimates on the spot but also detailed, exact price estimates needed for custom orders. E2 Shop System can also generate shipping labels and has an effective tracking system for keeping track of customer shipments. The program has an average four out of five star review ratings from over one hundred user reviews and has gotten high marks for being not only efficient and glitch-free but also user friendly.


M1 is made to suit the needs of small to medium size manufacturing companies. The program is ideal not just for companies with made to order products but also companies that create various ready-made products for wholesale.

M1 is a fully automated program that takes on all aspects of manufacturing management, including quotes, invoices, inventory barcoding and shop control. At the same time, the program offers some specialized, unique features that are not found in other, similar ERP software systems. The program’s Smart Screen Technology enables a user to change a screen display based on provided input while the Design Studio allows users to fully customize the system without needing to access the source code.


Epicor is a unique ERP program that is very popular with a wide range of industries. One of the program’s best features is the fact that it is divided into various modules, enabling a company to only purchase the modules that pertain to its particular industry and business needs. The fact that Epicor is also cloud based is yet another point in its favor, as this ensures ease of access for busy business owners who are not always present in the office.

Epicor offers full automation and provides the features that one would expect from a program of this nature. These include accounting, inventory control, manufacturing execution control and the ability to keep track of raw materials.

Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing software is unique in that it is not meant to be the only system that a company uses to keep track of inventory, shipping and financial information. Instead, the program is meant to be used with QuickBooks and is ideal for companies with a limited budget that want to continue to use QuickBooks but need some extra features and amenities for full automation.

Fishbowl Manufacturing is more affordable than most manufacturing software tools on the market and still has a lot to offer. It is flexible and easy to customize and offers barcoding, asset management and raw material management. It also has features that allow a user to generate customized reports with ease.

Ability 585 ERP

Ability 585 is a relatively new program developed in 2008. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and has gotten very high user review ratings for being efficient and easy to use. Additionally, the company’s 24/7 customer service has also gotten high marks.

Ability 585 provides many features and amenities at a reasonable price. These include billing system, ERP and financial integration, document management, supply chain management, forecasting and quality control.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right manufacturing software tools is imperative to the success of any manufacturing plant, regardless of size or industry type
  • The tools outlined above are some of the best options available for the new year, providing the features a company needs to maintain operations and even expand them.

Those who need manufacturing software may want to consider the above options and see which one best suits the needs of his or her business.

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